SS Republic 1865 wreck

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Anyone catch dateline NBC last night?
Amazing footage of the ongoing salvage of the gold from the Civil war era wreck the ss Republic....

Doies anyone know if the quantity of gold she carried was equal to that which was carried by the ss Central America (lost circa 1857)?

The thing that impressed me more than the gold coins were the incredibly rare bitters bottles, plus the bottles of wine and edible goods...

There was a perfectly preserved bottles of goose berries....
I wish there had been more footage of the wreck..all that is still recognizable seems to be her paddle wheels and boiler......
Lets hope the bottle of goose berries from the Republic doesn't suffer the same fate as the jar of olives from Titanic- and that is be exhibited at room temperature, which caused the inevitable clouding and putrification after a time...

ps- the salvage company that recovered gold from the Republic is now after a 17th century British warship that is said to have a billion doallrs in gold- I was under the assumption the British Navy always maintains a claim on sunken British warships and cargo, no matter what thier age may be...


Tarn Stephanos
In this month's National Geogrpahic is an article about the SS Republic, and the salvage expedition.

I tried to access the National Geogrpahic website to see if thy had an on-line article, but the site seems to be down.
For those parties interested in shipwrecks overall...the Sept. '04 National Geographic is a must. Featured is an absolutely stunning mosaic (Compliments of R.O.V. and digital technology) of this Civil War Ship.

BTW, they salvaged her booty!!!

Michael A. Cundiff
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