SS Tipton

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The SS Tipton is a fictional cruise ship in the TV Series "The Suite Life on Deck".

The ship has many features. Among them are:

* Helicopter Pad
* Port Lounge
* Main Pool
* Food and Shops
* Basketball Court
* Sky Deck
* Waterslide Pool
* Lido Deck
* High School
* Grand Dining Room
* Ballroom
* Bar
* Hot Tub
* Bingo Room
* 6 Lifeboats
* Stroll Deck

The Ship can hold about 400 and 500 people.

The cabins on the ship are different for each class.

* Adult Passengers
-Luxury Cabins with living rooms, dressing tables, and private bedrooms with bathrooms

* Kid Passengers
-Small rooms with a closet, bathroom, one bed, and a writing desk

* Crew and Student Passengers
-Tiny Cabins with bunk beds and closets

In the picture in the link below, it is shown that the SS Tipton is bigger than the RMS Queen Mary.