SS Titanic or RMS Titanic in Beesley's book

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Maxim A. Nikulin

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As I see in online book it's entitled
"The loss of SS Titanic"
But I saw in some links that book published
by the same author has title
"The loss of RMS Titanic"

Which one is the original?

And one more thin' - why some spelled
MurdocK not MurdocH

Thank you!

Pat Cook

Hi Maxim,

To the best of my knowledge, "The Loss of the SS Titanic" is the original - first published in June, 1912 in New York by Houghton-Mifflin. It was then published in London, a month later, by William Heinemann Co. under the title, "The Loss of the Titanic".

For what it's worth, all three titles are technically correct. However, I, myself, have not seen the Beesley edition entitled, "The Loss of the RMS Titanic". Can you tell me which company published this version and when?

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hi there,
the complete original title for the American edition (which preceeded the British edition by about a month) was The Loss of the S.S. Titanic, It’s Story and It’s Lessons.

the first British edition was apparently shortened to The Loss of the Titanic. this same title was used for the 2nd British edition in 1929 published in the Nautilus Library series.

far as I know, the book was never published with RMS instead of SS in the title. it is quite possible that any listing showing RMS was just a typo input by mistake.

hope that helps!
Michael (TheManInBlack) T

Maxim A. Nikulin

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Hi again!
I gave a wrong date-sorry---
I took it from "Used Literature" Chapter
of M Gubacek Titanic

It reads: 'Beesley Lawrence "The Loss of R.M.S.
Titanic" 1914 London'

But I think it maybe a typo according my
yesterday quick research...

Megan Sheerin

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Hello everyone, I have a book "The Loss of the S.S. Titanic" by Lawrence Beesley, copyright June 1912.I'm sure your well aware that Lawrence was a second class passenger that survived and 2 months later recalled his experiences in his book..If anyone would be interested in possibly buying it.If you'd like me to send pictures of it,Please email me @ [email protected] you
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