SS United States For Sale


Kyle Johnstone

What was the purchase price that NCL paid for the BigU?

What is her current scrap value?

Could the one hundred million that Dubai paid for the QE2 brand lead Star to believe that twenty million is a fare deal for the SS United States brand, though an empty rusty shell with a famous profile?

Deborah Kogan

I'm not sure if I am late in mentioning it, but this morning there was a news item on the radio (WHYY, an NPR affiliate) that the S.S.U.S. has been put up for sale with a broker, and NCL has given assurances that she will not be sold to a non-U.S. entity or sold for scrap. There is a news item on the S.S. United States Conservancy site to that effect, as of 3/16.

James Carey

NCL's parent company pulled a fast one on the Norway, so look out for them to sell SSUS to an American investor, who then turns around and sells her for scrap.

Not saying that will happen, but don't be fooled by the wording of what they say. They are out to make a buck and do not care for sentiments.

Grant Carman


That was my inital thought.

Unless NCL makes re-selling for scrap verboten as part of the terms of sale, the SSUS will go the way of the Norway and the Independance, which by the way is not to be found, making me think she went to a small scrapper in China rather than India or Bangladesh. They say she's in Dubai, but no one has seen her. The same thing could happen here as well.