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Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina

World's Most Famous Ship to Dock in St. Paul; Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition to Open At the Science Museum of Minnesota in June 2009

ATLANTA, Nov 18, 2008 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX News Network) --
RMS Titanic, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Premier Exhibitions, Inc. (Nasdaq:pRXI), has entered into an agreement to bring Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition to the Science Museum of Minnesota. The Exhibition is scheduled to open in June 2009.
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Tim Brandsoy

Feb 19, 2002
I went to the exhibition. It was a little bit different than some of the others around. They had a "small piece" that fell from the "BIG Piece", the first class gangway door and quite a bit more on the Carpathia than is usually covered.

I was talking with a docent, he said there were seven differing exhibits around the world, with a permanent one in Branson MO and a 10 year lease at the Luxor in Las Vegas.
Jun 10, 1999
And is it not St. Paul where they originally sounded the recovered whistle? I recall the presentation on World News with Peter Jennings... how it brought tears to my eyes...a female friend voiced..."What is it?", in reply I stated..."It's just Titanic".

I am told the Luxor exhibit far outweighs the L.V. Tropicana exhibit, of which I immensely enjoyed, (Just a quaint walk across the blvd.) in that the big piece is shown, and they let you touch a submerged section of it??
So what would be the difference in treasuring the intial (box & plaque) coal purchase?

And is'nt it such a shame that the book signer (name witheld) was not at all familiar with the video of NAUTILE recovering the coal, in the gift shop, which was intended to aid sales I spent a brief time conversing with the gentleman, and was dissapointed to learn that this 50yr. enthusiast new little of the artifact recovery purpose & future hope (George Tulloch & IFREMER et. al.)

They want to sell you Titanic items (books, videos, coal, etc.) in their gift shop, without admission into the exhibit itself. I saw one woman try to enter the exhibit thru a sidedoor in the giftshop, but was stopped by the book signer.

Michael Cundiff
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