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Matt Pereira

I started a Titanic book but i scraped what i had cause it wasnt coming together and i dont know if this is the right section to post this but im looking for pointers and tips on starting a titanic based book and the courses of publishing it and marketing it. Thanks in advance
Jan 5, 2001
Hi Matt,

I'm really not sure where to begin, although I do have a few observations that might help.

When covering a topic that's been so widely researched (or at least written about!) I do think that some sort of 'catch' or new angle does help considerably in getting people interested. Be it new research...or merely some 'new thinking.'

Alongside the writing process is the constant need for revision and editing your work. Don't be afraid to write and re-write sections again and again until you're satisfied. Then a patient editor who will put up with you is a bonus! Goodness, my horrific run-on sentences and split-infinitives sent at least one editor around the bend!

As for publishing it...well perhaps I should use the expression that 'patience is a virtue.' Lots of it! I forget the exact amount, but I think it's been said that in the UK, something like 98 percent of submissions never see the bookshelves. After a number of rejections, it's disheartening for any new writer and I am sure many have given up. The trick is don't.

Best wishes,

Jun 4, 2000
Matt, I've moved this discussion in to the general book discussion forum, as this forum is home to many threads on books people are writing, or interested in writing.
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