Statendam II H&W model


Reggie Naus

In the Rotterdam Maritime Museum (Netherlands) a 1912 H&W model of the still to be constructed 'Statendam II'(later to be renamed Justicia) is one of the exhibits in an exhibition on the Holland-Amerika Line liners. I know construction of this ship started in 1912, right after 'Titanic', but was it in fact the first ship on which construction commenced (as in the keel being laid on 31 may, though I know actual work started later)? And was Thomas Andrews in any way involved in the design and the model(I know that it was his job, so in a way he had to be, but he was a little tied up with Titanic's maiden voyage at the time)?
Dec 23, 2004
There is no doubt that Thomas Andrews would have been involved in the design concept but the development work would have been done in H&Ws drawing office. As for the model, H&W had their own model building dept. and this would have been constructed from the concept drawings which are produced first to put to the client, in this case the Holland America Line.


Jan 22, 2010
Good morning. Please can you look at the layout of the liner's Justicia ex Statendam II? Let the link please. You wrote that her layout in the Museum's Holland-Amerika Line. I hope for your understanding and for your answers. With Respect to Sergey Ionov

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