Stateroom B20


Christopher Gill

I was curious if anyone could give me any information on this cabin. I know that style and color are hard to know because there was not alot of information, but if any one knows it might satisfy my curiosity. Also what kind of room was this? I notice it is in the middle of a three room block, and it seems to have a narrow hallway along the back of it. What was this little hall? I ask because Vera Dick is my Grandmothers Aunt, so my Great Great Aunt. My Gran still speaks of her, but all I ever really knew was she and her husband Albert were in First Class and left the ship in one of the earlier lifeboats. (#3) I know more than this, but I am summing it up quickly.
I am also related to John Gill on my Grandfathers side, or so I am told.

Below is a scan of a room like B-20. - As you can see a fairly plain paneled room. Classed as a single-berth room it could be provided with a sofa-berth for a 2nd passenger. The "narrow hallway along the back" led to the side of the ship. There was a porthole at the end of it so the room counted as a outside stateroom. - In the photo the wall where the dressing table is the back wall of the passageway. There was a wardrobe located next to the washstand.

I hope this helps.
It helps alot. I assumed they would have had a double bed as they were married, and on honeymoon.
Bert & Vera Dick are my grandparents. My mom was their only offspring. I was born and raised in their house in Calgary until my father was discharged from the US army. Whereupon, my mom and I relocated to Seattle WA, USA. I spent my summers and quite a few Christmases at their house in Calgary and their house in Banff until I graduated from high school.