Nov 28, 2020
Engine Room Photos/screenshots, and Keel/Hull:
Keel and I think that's the Bilge Keel? On the Starboard side
View attachment 49844
End of what may be the keel: (still Starboard side)
View attachment 49846
Underside: (Starboard)
View attachment 49845

On to the Engine Room Footage:

Engine Room from the Port Side:
View attachment 49847
A fallen beam caught and tangled in wires
View attachment 49848
Not sure what this is.. anyone know?
View attachment 49849
Fallen Catwalks and piping
View attachment 49850
Possible remains of the Engine Room telegraph?
View attachment 49856
I think these were the pressure Gauges
View attachment 49851
Catwalk railing
View attachment 49852
View attachment 49854
Possible entrance to the Turbine Room?????
View attachment 49855
Bottom of the Port side Engine
View attachment 49857
Mosaic or a really good photo of both Remaining Engines
View attachment 49858
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Cam Houseman

Jul 14, 2020
Maryland, USA

starboard side, looking under the Boat deck, where the starboard Verandah used to be NOAA 2003
A-Deck, remains of starboard veranda, beside the Second Class entrance.PNG

portside B-Deck, pancaked down A-Deck in 1987, lifeboat 16 davit
B-Deck portside and pancaked A-Deck, lifeboat 16 davit 1987.JPG

Same area in NOAA 2003 imagery, the bulwark is flat against A-Deck
B-Deck portside and pancaked A-Deck, lifeboat 16 davit 2003.JPG

the Second Class Elevator housing sagging into the center, NOAA 2003
second class entrance 3.JPG

Ladder up the Second Class entrance, NOAA 2003
ladder up the Second Class entrance on the boat deck.PNG

Engine Room machinery, marked up by Bill Sauder

Starboard side decks of the stern, 2010 "Titanic's Final Mystery"
Starboard collapsed decks in 2010.PNG

Starboard side of the Stern, A and B-Deck, starboard crane and fallen bulwark, 1991 "TITANICA"
A-Deck bulwark on the starboard side, space visible under A-Deck (farther away).PNG

Portside, B-Deck, from the ocean floor 2010
At Mast, Portside stern, C-Deck promenade windows 2010.jpg

C-Deck promenade 2010, "Titanic's Final Mystery"
C-Deck Promenade starboard 2010.PNG

Second Class Smoking Room lavatory
Second Class Smoking Room Lavatory.jpg

Aft fallen over remnant of the raised roof of the First Class Smoking Room, NOAA 2003
Smoking Room raised roof aft.PNG

portside of the Stern, boat deck, signbox and intact Port vestibule of the Second Class entrance
Second Class Entrance Port side, wood, Signbox.JPG

Second Class Dining Saloon tile tucked under the base of the Second Class entrance (first person to find it!!)

Image I marked up myself :)
second class entrance 1.JPG

hope y'all enjoyed

Keith H

Oct 13, 2017
Wonderful set of pics Cam the unexplored stern is so tantalising , to get an extent of how smashed up it is I have overlaid an image of it with the ships plans to illustrate it .
titanic stern overlay.png
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Cam Houseman

Jul 14, 2020
Maryland, USA
I recently found a 1985 picture of the Stern! Mosaic put together by ken Marschall in 2001, recovered from a broken link in his 2001 report
Marked version
Boat Deck portside 1985, lifeboat 16 davit mosaic by Ken.png

I edited this myself, and removed the watermark and labels
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