Stern section



Why do we have so little coverage of the stern section?

I know it's in worse condition than the bow section, but, I've read it's "dangerous" for them to go venturing in that area.

In what way is it dangerous? Can, someone please fill me in.



Without having seen inside the stern, I'd have to opine the walls and normally water resistant partitions were probably blown out by enormous air pressure loads as the sea pushed upward. Think of it like a piston compressing the air in a motor cylinder. The remaining structural supports collapsed as the stern impacted the bottom and took the fierce water-hammer effect from above. Just a guess, but I'm willing to guess the best route inside the stern hulk would be from alongside the twin reciprocating engines, and even that would be tight. Let me speculate further and say, any engineers remaining inside that space would have been nearly atomized by the forces put upon their bodies.
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