Steward Jacob Gibbons

How would someone go about finding out whether or not they are related to a passenger aboard the Titanic? In this case, Second Class Saloon Steward Jacob William Gibbons.
I'm trying to figure out whether I am related to Second Class Saloon Steward Jacob William Gibbons or not. If anyone has information on his family or how I would be able to figure out if I am related to him or not, please let me know.
Have you checked his biography on this site? I see he was born in 1875, so he and his family should appear on the 1881, 1891 & 1901 census.
Hi Tim

No, they are available on the internet via Ancestry.Com but you have to pay a subscription

I have had a look at the 1881 census.

Dorset County Lunatic Asylum, Charminster Dorchester.

Jacob Gibbons (father) is an attendant age 38
Kejiak Gibbs Gibbons wife age 34
James Henry " age 9
Edward George " age 9
Richard " age 7
Jacob William " age 5
Elizabeth May " age 3
Agnes Mabel " age 1

Big families eh! Just a starting point. Are any of these family names of yours?

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Hi Tim

Most of the family are still living at the Lunatic asylum in 1891. On the census only James Henry is missing from home. The others including Jacob William are still there. Jacob William is working at the Asylum - Caretaker cum Gardener.

His mothers name is recorded as 'Kejia'
There are more siblings:-
Alfred Ernest age 9
Herbert John age 6
Frederick Charles age 3
Walter Richard? age 1

Of course, it goes without saying, you need to research your own ancestry back as far as you can to see if there is any connection.

On the 1881 census I noticed there was another family of Gibbons working at the Asylum. (a family business)
Tim, the answer is to work backwards from yourself. That way you can create a chain based on known facts. You'll find the Internet is of limited use. Most data is held in public records, which may be on paper or other media. The extent and availability of these varies from place to place and it's often a matter of luck. For instance, a relative traced my ancestors back to the Norman conquest, because the records happened to be held in a relatively peaceful part of Britain. Be prepared for a lot of work and some expense.

You'll very likely find that there is a genealogy club in your area. Genealogy is huge these days. A club will provide guidance, though you may may have to join it or pay for its services.
Hi Tim

Very good advice from Dave.

I have had a quick glance at the 1901 census and note that Jacob is now married. He is living at a dwelling in Edmondsham. Dorset. Described as a visitor staying with a family, probably his in-laws. He is with his wife Lottie age 25 and year old child Annie. He is recorded as having 'no occupation'.
Hi Tim, Ernie and Dave
I am actually directly descended from Jacob, he was my great, great grandfather (i.e. my Grandad's dad). The Gibbons' still live in the local area near Charminster (which is actually a very small village) and my father, Captain Alex Gibbons has mapped our family tree. If you would like any further information or need any help tracing yourself in the Gibbons Clan (hey, we might be related!) let me know and I'll pass on your details.
If you ever get the chance, Studland (where most of the Gibbons family have grown up in the past century) is a lovely place so I would strongly advise visiting to see Jacob's memorial at the Methodist church.
I hope I have been of some help.
Kind Regards
Annalaise Gibbons
Hello Annalaise

Welcome to ET. Dave and I were helping Tim out with the ancestry of the Gibbons. Tim, of course, is the only one who may be related - perhaps he will respond.

That part of Dorset is very beautiful; Studland, Swanage bay and the Purbeck hills. We hope to visit the area soon if this awful spring weather ever warms up.