Steward James Thomas Wood

Hi - I don't see a thread about this man, but please inform me if there is one.

James Thomas Wood born 1863, steward.

steward Wood has turned up in my extended family tree and I agree with all the details about him and his family as written up in the Encylopedia Titanica. However there are two small discrepancies which make me wonder whether this is actually the correct man.

The encyclopedia correctly gives his year of birth as 1863 but in the Titanic death records on the genealogy website Ancestry his estimated death age is 40 which is 9 years astray. Secondly the encyclopedia links to a Folkestone newspaper article which refers to a brother of James called "Mr W R Wood" but I'm not aware that he had a brother with those initials and no brother with those initials is listed amongst his siblings in the Encyclopedia.

any thoughts on this please ?

the Titanic deaths file on Ancestry is

Registry of Shipping and Seamen: Agreements and Crew Lists, Series III: Titanic. BT 100/259 and 100/260. The National Archives, Kew, Richmond, Surrey, England.
I've just noticed that the Folkestone newspaper article does give J T Wood's age as 49 which would be correct for an 1863 birth, but I'm no nearer discovering who "W R Wood" is.

As far as I am aware James Thomas Wood was one of 7 brothers, the other's initials are AH, JW, JE, GT, EB and OJ. Their mother's maiden name was Thorn.
I think I've now worked this out. James Thomas Wood was 49 years old not 40 when he died, so that is a mistake in the Titanic death records. Secondly he did have a brother who was a postmaster in Hythe, Kent, as referred to in the newspaper article, but his name was John William Wood, so "Mr W R Wood" is a mistake by the newspaper.
Hi Andrew....I've just been reading the entry for James Thomas Wood...fascinating stuff! He was my Great great grandfather through his daughter Grace...who was training to be a teacher at the time of the disaster. We must be distant relatives! : )
Hi Lavender

well the genealogical website Ancestry says that James Thomas Wood was a first cousin three times removed from me. His mother Ruth Thorn was an older sister of my great-grandmother Rebekah Thorn (or Thorne).
Hi Lavender 136, James Wood was also my great great grandfather, Grace was my great grandmother and her son James (Jim) my grandfather so I guess there is a very good chance we know each other! I went to Booleroo Centre (South Australia) a few years ago, it's a bit out of the way but I went to the church where Grace was christened. I might get the chance to go back there this year.