Steward Thomas Dunn

Ray Dunn

Oct 13, 2010
According to Times of 19th April 1873 my great grandfather Thomas Dunn (steward on and survivor of SS Atlantic) gave evidence to the Inquiry ordered by the Dominion Parliament on her shipwreck.

It suggests that this evidence in given on 5th April 1873 (shown as Thomas Dunne) after Captain Williams and 4 passengers (the last being Mr Bick) but there are only a couple of lines on his evidence and the narrative seems to disagree with some of the other English newspaper reports and the inquiry findings.

"Thomas Dunne, steward...adds that he attempted to wake the captain at quarter past two, but that he refused to stir". An earlier thread here quotes Reuters Halifax 7th April notes that "Ten minutes before striking the Captain was called, but could not be roused.".

The inquiry 'finds' that his 'boy servant' (Thomas was 27 with at least 12 years experience on Cunard and Guion lines) tried to wake him at 2:40 with his drink but was stopped by the fourth officer.

I am trying to find his actual testimony, and whether he was the captain's 'boy'

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