Stewardesses in New York

This is two questions really. One: what day/time was Titanic expected in New York? And two: what did the stewardesses and crew do while the ship they were working on was docked in a foreign city? Did they still have jobs to do or could they go on shore?

Violet Jessop's autobiography suggests she went on shore to visit someone but technically she would still be employed on the ship until it reached England again, right?
I think Christa is asking in general terms.

Titanic was expected to dock on Wednesday 17 April.

A crew was engaged for the duration of the round voyage and would have been expected to work during the turn-round, which took about three days. There would have been a chance of shore leave, at the captain's discretion.
Thanks Lucy and Dave. I was aiming for more general terms. I suppose the time the ships came in depended on how their run went, right? Also, Lucy, who said that quote you've got there?