Eileen Shipp

Dec 11, 2006
Hello, There is a family story that 2 sistersNellie and Susie Grant aged 24 and 22 respectively stewardess's on the Titanic.Try as I might I cannot find any record of this.Can anyone help? or do I have to dispel this as a myth.I believe there is a booklet called the Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund how can I get hold of this.I would be grateful for any help.Regards Eileen Shipp
Jul 20, 2000
Hello Eileen,

You can get hold of a copy of the Titanic Relief Fund Mansion House booklet of March 1913 from the Titanic Historical Society. - For an idea of its content type the words Relief Fund into the Search Box on the opening paper of this web-site. Go to: 5. Titanic Relief Fund — Crew “Master List” Case Numbers : (2006) by Lester J. Mitcham - 29 Apr

The ladies you ask about were not on the Titanic. - You can also look at the Crew Sign-on sheets. Under Crew List go to: Southampton, Crew: Agreement and Account of Crew (PRO Ref: BT100/259)
6 Victualling Department - First Class
7 Victualling Department - Second Class
8 Victualling Department - Third Class / Galley
Supplement (Part III) : "Substitutes Engaged"

Hope that helps.


May 30, 1999
Hello everyone,

I have been busy for quite a while and have returned. Upon returning and searching randomly on this site, I noticed that "Mabel Bennett" was now identified as Hypatia Draco McLaren through a newspaper photo. The Plymouth photo however shows Hypatia wearing Mabel's coat, and thus we can say she gave it to her on Lifeboat 5 (they were in the same lifeboat).

My question is, is there any other photographs anyone has of Mabel that could help us identify her as any of the stewardesses in this photo?

Postscript- Please answer the poll. If you do not have any thoughts on who it is, click "idk". You can change responses.


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