Stewards ticket


Feb 4, 2004
I have a question that may sounds a little bit stupid but I really really need to know this; Did Stewards and Stewardesses need to pay a ticket for Titanic to work on it?

If not, then they would travel for free?

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Few people expect to travel for free, but the crew were not travellers. They were employees. If they had been expected to pay for their passage it would have cost about 15 pounds for the round trip - about 4 times their pay. Not an attractive proposition.

There were however a few people on board who were working on the ship but also were listed as passengers, like the musicians, who were issued with a group (2nd Class) ticket but nobody had to pay for it. The musicians were paid by an agency which hired out their services to the shipping lines, who classed them as passengers to make it clear that they were not officially members of the crew and enjoyed no benefits as such. Also the members of the Harland & Wolff 'guarantee group', led by Thomas Andrews, were listed as 1st or 2nd Class passengers, again on free tickets. And of course Mr Ismay, representing the owners, occupied one of the best suites on the ship, again without charge.