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Lynne M stanley

Hi, I have just joined this site after seeing a posting dated 19 Jan 2004 by Richard Brindle. My grandfather was Alexander Wood who had a younger brother serving on the Titanic as a stoker.I didn't know his name as my mother has been dead for some 6 years & although I remember her telling me she had an uncle killed on the Titanic, she never told me his name.He was born in Aston, Birmingham around 1882, he had an older brother, Joseph and 3 sisters, Mary J, Lilly, & the youngest was Mary or May.
Hope this info is useful, & if anyone wants to contact me I am happy to reply.

Lynne Stanley
Brian J. Ticehurst

Brian J. Ticehurst

Morning Lynne,
By logical deduction I think your relation was Henry Wood (born in Birmingham) - below is my printout on him - not much but something.
Best regards

Wood, Henry. Lodged at St. Michael's House, St Michael's Street, Southampton. Occupation - Trimmer. 30 years old. (BOrn in Birmingham).
(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913).
No, 263. Wood, May - Sister. Class G dependant.