Stone Crew Members

I am looking for any information on the two Stone crew members that were on board and died. One was buried at sea the other here in Halifax, NS (where I live). All of the info I have found is conflicting. Even on this site they have a link saying Edward Stone and the page saying Edmund?! From my research so far, it appears that E.J. Stone (#243, buried here) is the wrong name. According to MacKay-Bennett records E.J.(#41) was buried at sea. If anyone can find out any info on the family history of these two crew members please let me know!

Lisa Stone

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God Bless
If it is of any help, the man buried in Halifax is Edward Thomas Stone. I don't know why his marker is engraved as "E.J."
Edmund J. Stone, body 41, was buried at sea.
Dear Ms Stone, there were indeed two 'Stones' on the ship who were stewards. One was Edward Thomas Stone, the other Edmund Stone (no middle name). I don't know where the E J Stone comes from at all.