Stuart Collett

I was told by my grandfather that his uncle was Stuart Collett, a 2nd class passenger. My grandfather related that Stuart was not heard from after the Titanic but survivor accounts at this site state that he was picked up by his parents. Does anyone have any information on Stuart Collett or his survivors?
Hi Anne,
Sidney Clarence Stuart Collett was born in London on January 8, 1887 and died May 8, 1941 in Finchley, Middlesex, England. I have his death certificate which gives a little more information but am at my office right now. Will post some extra info. from the death certificate later.

Phil Gowan
Dear Mrs Cornell,

There is a well seen photo of your uncle
Stuart with his mother at the White Star
offices (I believe)in New York after his
In 1995, I visited his unmarked grave in
Hendon Cemetery, London, and received the
following information from the office.
Sidney Clarence Stuart Collett was buried
13 May 1941 after passing away on 8 May
st 31 Woodhouse Rd, Finchley, London N 12.
His wife Annie Lizzie Collett passed away
18 July 1941. The deed was tranferred to
their daughter, Muriel Ramsey, and then,
curiously to an Arthur Edward Payne, relation
to the Colletts unknown.
They are buried in plot 51681 D7 in Hendon
There was a lady who claimed to be a
relative of his living in New York who
posted to this list a couple of years ago,
but she did not respond to any E-mails
sent to her.


In response to Brian Meister. Where do I find this photo? This is very interesting. We did not know that Stuart went back to England so this explains why there was a break in communication with the family here. I am curious as to who the woman was that posted from New York as my family is from New York. My grandfather, Cecil Collett was raised in Deposit New York and his sisters and their families were all brought up in upstate New York. It is quite likely this was a relative. Thanks for the response.
Here are some old news photos of 2nd class Titanic passenger-survivor Stuart Collett. According to the Library of Congress, these are now in the public domain and have no known copyright or other reproduction restrictions. I'm supposing these were taken aboard Carpathia?

photo #1:

Hello Randy,

Thanks for posting those wonderful photographs! I love seeing new images of survivors, or anything having to do with Titanic for that matter. Mr. Collett looks older than 24 years, I think. Are the people standing with him other survivors? Are you going to submit these images to Philip Hind for use on Mr. Collett's biography? There seems to be very little information on it at this time, and it would be nice to see those photos. added.

P.S.: How's your Edith Russell article coming along?


Brandon and Tracy,

Yes, he does look older than 24.

I do not know if the others in that picture are survivors or not. It would seem so. But they might be Carpathia people.

Phil may want to use them. They are free of copyright. LOC only asks that a credit is given to them whenever their images are used.

Hmmmmmmmm....I'm only 42, but if I spent the night on Titanic, I might just look 84 myself. Not surprising that the man looks dour. He didn't have a lot to smile about.

Michael H. Standart
great photo may be the lighting, but his left hand appears to be black ! ... it doesn't look like a glove you know what may be the cause of this ?? thanks
Hello Richard,

Are you sure that isn't a glove? He's got a glove on his left hand in the first picture, and both appear to have been taken on the same day. I'm pretty sure it is a glove; it appears that he might actually be pointing at the camera in the second picture. He has that same bundle of papers under his left arm in both images, as well.