Stuart Kelly

My name's Stuart, I'm 23 and I live in Glasgow Scotland. I've been interested in Titanic since the summer of 1986 when I saw pictures of the wreck of the Titanic, the ghostly image of the Grand Staircase chandelier swaying in the current sticks out in my memory. Shortly afterwards, I heard Walter Lord reading 'A Night to Remember' on Radio 4, from then on, I've aquired an interest, including finding out about my family's shipbuilding history at John Brown's yard in Clydebank.

I recently heard Phil on 'Making History' on radio 4 talking about Robert Hitchens, his words about the message board made me realise I ought to join it. About a year ago, I visited the White Swan Hotel and upon my realisation that 90% of the interior photos you see of the Titanic are in fact of the sister ship, the Olympic, I decided to set up a site devoted to the great ship's surviving fittings and furnishings:
I've no doubt that my membership of this board with further my knowledge and appreciation.


Pat Cook

Apr 26, 2000
And a welcome from me, too, Stuart. I've read your posts on Deja Vu and been to your website many time.

Best regards,

William H Draeger

Howdy Stuart,
Since you have family that worked at John Brown's yard on the Clydebank then you probably know that they built the ill-fated Lusitania, which inspired Ismay, Pirrie and Morgan to build the Olympic twins. I envy your visit to the White Swan Hotel! I'm very fond of "The Old Reliable"!


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