Jul 24, 2012
Hi, friends!! I need your help. I need to know the styles of these cabins, because i don't know if true

C67 - Empire wallpapered???
C69 - Standar style???
C71 - Modern dutch oak??
C72 - Old dutch???
C73 - Modern dutch sycamore??
C75 - Louis XIV??
C76 - Italian renaissance???

Thanks!!! Its very important for me, because its a personal work. Thanks again, friends!!!
Hi David,
I saw your ad today, your post seems to have more than 1 year and not know if it was already solved your question ...
But for a reinforcement I can give you the answer.

C67 - Empire - painted white paneling, and green silk panels, furniture in polished mahogany, double bed with canopy.
C69 - Bedroom 'B' - (Harland and Wolff special design) upper panels painted white, lower panels and furnitures were in oak.
C71 - Identical to the stateroom C69, with a double washbasin cabinet.
C72 - Old Dutch - upper panels with embroidered, lower panels and furniture in dark oak, double bed with canopy.
C73 - Identical to the stateroom C69.
C75 - Louis XIV - oak panels carved with oak furniture.
C76 - Identical to the stateroom C69.

Harland Duzen

Jan 14, 2017
This is Titanic: Honor & Glory's vision of Andrew's cabin.
Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 09.01.55.png

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