sue brimelow


sue brimelow

I found this site about a week ago and am totally enthralled by it.

I have always been (generally) interested in the Titanic, (how could anyone not be?). But recently I bought a book 'The Ship That Stood Still' by Leslie Reade and was totally riveted by it. So I decided to come on-line and see if anyone else ever talked about the tragedy that was Titanic!!!

Just a couple of things about me - I grew up in Carrickfergus, which is about 10 miles from Belfast, and I am here at the moment because my mother is ill. But since reading the book, every day I see Belfast Lough (parents house about 3 mins away) I imagine The Titanic steaming down there - what a sight it must have been.

The other coincidence that struck me, was just recently I bought a house in Liscard (although have spent very little time there) in Wallasey, which is where Captain Lord lived and died.

So how could I not be interested. I thought that once I got back to Liscard I could look around and see if I can find out where he lived etc.

While here in N.Ireland I thought maybe there would be some Titanic stuff around in Belfast that maybe doesn't get out to the general public.

I love reading the posts, aren't you all terribly clever, so I doubt that until I read some more books, that I will be able to post anything that someone else hasn't. Although I don't think anything I read will change my mind about Captain Lord, but stranger things happen at sea!

Anyway - its nice to be here - and lovely to 'meet' you all.

Kate Bortner

May 17, 2001
Welcome Sue. You are home. Many of us feel as you do. Listen carefully to the words of Behe, Brown, Cooke, Shelley D., Bingham, Ing., Parks, and so many others, they'll guide you through. Read all you can. I suggest Molony's Irish on Titanic & Iversen's Molly Brown to pump up your spirit and Titanic soul.
Welcome, sister. You are among good company

Maxim A. Nikulin

Welcome Sue!
I'm from Russia-not very often online here
but anyway- you always welcome to email me
-I am Titanic Historian-with one book almost ready!

Inger Sheil

Dec 3, 2000
Hallo Sue -

In addition to Kate's excellent suggestion of Senan Molony's Irish Aboard Titanic, you may find (if you haven't already read it) Stephen Cameron's book 'Belfast's Own' relates directly to your interest in Northern Irish connections with the disaster, both with the building of the ship and its crew. Cameron delved into some new sources when writing his book - as you suggest, much of this went unlooked at until Senan and Cameron got out of the ruts well-worn by researchers and started looking at local material. I imagine there's still fertile ground for further investigation and angles such as the Lord connection (Tracy Smith would be someone to talk to there) could well bear interesting fruit.

Good luck with your research!

Mark Baber

Dec 29, 2000
>I thought maybe there would be some Titanic stuff around in Belfast


There's a very active group in Belfast devoted to Titanic; it's the Belfast (until recently, Ulster) Titanic Society. Their web site is; you'll find info there about Belfast's Titanic sites, the Society's activities, and more.

sue brimelow

Thank you for a lovely welcome. Maxim your english is very good, and I will buy your book when it is published. Thank you to everyone for all the other recommendations of books to read.

I will buy some and get some from the library. (Then work up to buying them!)

Thank you also Mark for the Belfast Society - have visited the site and am going to be a member.

I feel ashamed that I have lived so close to so much history and have almost totally ignored it until now.

When I uncover the definitive secret 'Titanic' diary - unknown until I find it - I shall let you all know ;)

Again many thanks for the warm welcome.


Jason D. Tiller

Dec 3, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hi Sue,

Welcome aboard! This is the best site for all things Titanic.

I was in Carrickfergus last year in July among other spots in Ireland, including Belfast! It's a beautiful country rich with history and the people are wonderful.

It's good to hear from you and I look forward to your posts.

Best regards,


William Barber

Although I am newer to this site than you, I also would like to say 'welcome aboard' and I hope when you 'uncover the definitive secret 'Titanic' diary - unknown until I find it - I shall let you all know ;)' that I will be on the list to get a copy. I have never had the pleasure of visiting the 'Emerald Isle', however I did spend some time in Scotland. It was an enchanting visit to my ancestral heritage. I look forward to your posts.