Summoning Bedroom Stewards

Apr 7, 2007
Hello all!

This is my first post, though I've been frequenting this incredibly useful message board for about a month.

I'm researching stewards, specifically first class bedroom stewards and what life would have been like for them during the voyage.

Primarily I'm interested in the method by which passengers summoned stewards. Was there some type of bell system or were stewards just typically near by?

Additionally, I know stewards were largely identified by numbered badges. Could a passenger summon a bedroom steward other than their own by knowing the other steward's number, or would this be looked on as highly irregular?

I have also been unable to find a picture of a first class bedroom steward's uniform or badge, can someone point me in an appropriate direction for that information?

Thanks in advance!

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Hallo, Kelsey, and welcome to the forum. You'll find it worthwhile browsing through the threads in this section for general information about the work of stewards and stewardesses.

If not within hailing range, stewards could be summoned by an electric bell-push. These were located in all cabins and also at various locations in public areas. The bells generally rang in the nearest pantry area. There was no way of using this method to summon a particular crew member, but the cabin bell-push would generally bring the steward (or stewardess) who worked that section, or (outside the normal working day) the night duty steward.

See this thread for photos of a numbered stewards's badge:

These were intended mainly as a means of identifying a steward when a passenger wished to make a complaint and would have been most useful in 3rd Class, where cause for complaint was more likely, service less personal and names generally unknown.

Stewards wore a variety of uniform types, dependent on their duties, which Class of passengers they served, whether working outside or in, time of year etc. The full uniform for a 1st Class steward generally consisted of dark trousers and either dark or white waist-length 'patrol' jacket with brass buttons, white shirt and dark bow tie. A peaked cap with white star badge could be worn when working outside. The numbered badge was presumably attached to the lapel, but I've never seen a photo of one of these in use.