Sunday Feature 95 Years on the ss CALIFORNIAN Incident

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From The Shipping Times:

The loss of TITANIC created a debate that has raged ever since, and probably will do so for ever
It happened 95 years ago today, prior to two world wars, long before television, indeed, long before 'talking pictures'. It was an era as different to today as you can imagine. There were many more crowned heads of Europe then, and servants lived downstairs in every town, and children were dressed like mini versions of their elders and told to shut up (and even more astonishing, they generally did!). It was a world quite unlike our present day's in nearly every respect.

Yet this event has even the most modern child's attention when it is spoken of. It's story and the effects of its happening endure, and will always endure, so long as humans remain human.

The event is of course the sinking of the TITANIC.
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Comment: At the end of the article, the author quoted the following from the MAIB report that I think bears repeating, given the sound and fury over how saintly or evil some of the players were in this sorry affair.

"Neither party will be entirely satisfied with this Report, but while it does not purport to answer all the questions which have been raised it does attempt to distinguish the essential circumstances and set out reasoned and realistic interpretations. It is for others if they wish to go further into speculation; it is to be hoped that they will do so rationally and with some regard to the simple fact that there are no villains in this story: just human beings with human characteristics."
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