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  1. Sam Brannigan

    Sam Brannigan Member

    Hello all,

    Just came across this interesting site:


    It's the first time I've seen Lightoller's pride and joy and it's great to see she is still alive and kicking!


  2. Inger Sheil

    Inger Sheil Member

    Ta for posting that link, Sam. Have had an ambition to hunt up the Sundowner for some time, and it's conveniently located near Broadstairs (connected with another of the Titanic's officers rather tenuously). Might have to organise a trip to beautiful East Kent soonishly. Have come across other Dunkirk commemorative plaques on boats recently - the 'Regal Lady', which regularly ploughs out of Scarborough on hour long mini-cruises, has one. I've always rather regretted that the final boat Lowe owned, which was still moored in the river Conway at the time of his death, isn't around today in the care of a maritime trust.
  3. Teri Lynn Milch

    Teri Lynn Milch Senior Member


    At the bottom of the link you posted it reads:

    "The East Kent Maritime Trust is a member of the World Ship Trust, an organization which encourages and supports the work of ship preservation around the world. To learn more about the fascinating range of vesels they are associated with visit them at..."

    Wouldn't this Trust Company make an excellent source for Nomadic's preservation project?

  4. Sam Brannigan

    Sam Brannigan Member

    Hi Teri!

    I noticed that link myself and sent them a load of info regarding the Nomadic. I hadn't heard of them before; let's hope they can give us some help, or at the very least advice. BTW, check your mail - I've sent something pretty cool!

    Inger - Perhaps you could take a load of photo's of the "Sundowner", I for one would love to see more of her!


  5. Teri Lynn Milch

    Teri Lynn Milch Senior Member

    Hi Sam!

    Got your email, thanks.

    Yes let's hope they can give us some help or advice. You will be sure to keep us apprised of the matter on the Nomadic thread, won't you?


  6. Hi, all!

    Take a look at this one. It's a better picture of the boat. http://www.burrill12.freeserve.co.uk/DunkirkPics.htm

    She's at the bottom of the page. Looks like the East Kent Maritime Trust is doing a beautiful job of preserving her. I do hope that Nomadic finds a similar fate, but since she's a much larger craft, she's a lot more difficult and expensive to deal with.

    Pat Winship
  7. Sam Brannigan

    Sam Brannigan Member

    Hi Teri,

    I've just posted the WST's reply to my mail on the Nomadic thread.

    Hi Pat - what a beautiful pic! They've obviously done a great job on her down in Kent. Looks like quite a cosmopolitan little marina as well!


  8. Great photo of the Sundowner Pat. It's quite a testement to Ligtoller's courage that he got 135 people away from Dunkirk on a craft that small...and under hostile fire yet!

    Michael H. Standart
  9. Hi, Mike.

    Lights said it was ONLY 130! But you're right; I look at that picture, shake my head, and wonder where he put them!

  10. That ONLY 130 doesn't count any incidental crew does it? Either way, it must have been really cozy aboard that thing! lame.gif

    Michael H. Standart
  11. Sam Brannigan

    Sam Brannigan Member

    Is there any truth in the anecdote about the squaddie who on hearing that the ships master was the Titanic's second officer declared he would jump overboard and take his chances?
    Apparently his pals advised him that if he was able to get through the Titanic disaster he should be regarded as a lucky charm.....and of course Sundowner made it safely home from Dunkirk.


  12. Hi, Sam

    I've heard that story, but have no idea if it's true. I would consider it to be classically apocryphal-- if it isn't true, it ought to be.

    Pat Winship
  13. Inger Sheil

    Inger Sheil Member

    A bit on Sundowner's recent adventures - she was with the fleet of small ships returning to Dunkirk to mark the 65 anniversary of the evacuation:


    I gather she was also among the surviving little ships of Dunkirk that took part in yesterday's naval review commemorating Trafalgar (and wasn't that spectacular?).
  14. Good to see that a recent restoration was done with the Sundowner. Even better to see that she's getting around under her own power. I just wonder if the £40,000 spent on the job was adaquate.
  15. Jason D. Tiller

    Jason D. Tiller Moderator Member

    "(and wasn't that spectacular?)"

    Yes, it sure was! I saw it on the news and was thinking how wonderful it would have been to see it in person.

    I'm pleased as well to see that the Sundowner had a restoration. Hopefully it was enough, as Mike said.
  16. Just came back from a wonderful weekend at the Titanic U.K. International's convention at Margate, England. Bob arranged for us all to go on Sundowner, which was a great thrill.

    I will post a selection of photos I took as soon as can, and a link to my web site where I will posting all of them.

  17. Julie Goebel

    Julie Goebel Member

    WOW! Those were wonderful pics, thank you for sharing them. I was wondering if the ship was being refurbished?

    Again thanks for sharing them!

  18. >>was wondering if the ship was being refurbished?<<

    The curator of the museum was with our group and he confirmed it is being refurbished.

    There were a couple more of the Dunkirk ships along side it having work done to them as well.

  19. It's reassuring to see that the restoration is still an ongoing thing. There was some concern a few years ago that the current owners might not be able to raise the funds needed to do the work. Considering that a number of historic vessels have ended up on the scrapheap in recent times for just that reason, it's nice to see that things are looking up here.