Sunken Sub Threatens To Poison Norway Coast

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This was posted to another group I belong to.

By Doug Mellgren
Associated Press
OSLO, Norway – More than 60 years after being torpedoed by the
British navy, a Nazi submarine built to threaten allied ships
continues to spread fear off the coast of Norway.
The rusting wreckage of the U-864, sunk in a desperate mission to
supply Japan with advanced weapons technology, now poses a major
environmental threat due to its poisonous cargo: 70 tons of mercury.
Residents on the tiny island of Fedje, located in the North Sea
on roughly the same latitude as Scotland's Shetland Islands, want the
sub removed. But authorities fear a salvage operation could result in
a catastrophic spill, and suggest entombing the wreck in the seabed
with rocks, cement and sand.

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Jim, I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but do you have the permission of the copyright holder to post this? If not, we need to boil it down to something that would pass the "Fair Use" statutes and post a link to the rest of the story.
And just when the Norwegian government thought they had some sort of a handle on the situation, it appears that not all of the wreck has been located. There's a link to an article in Norwegian about it here (scroll down) Unfortunately, unlike my grandmother, I cannot read Norge. However, just that basic fact re-opens the whole can of worms.
>>However, just that basic fact re-opens the whole can of worms.<<

As in "Does the part we have contain the murcury, or is it in the part we haven't found?"
On a TV program I saw about the U-864, some flasks of mercury retrieved from the wreck were shown, but the Norwegian government would certainly want to know if they'd gotten the whole mess either removed or buried. It was stored in the keel of the boat, so any section of the hull would have had it.
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