Survivor - Kitchen Porter "Mr Reginald Hardwick"



There's an entry within Encyclopedia Titanica for Mr Reginald Hardwick who was a Kitchen Porter.

There seems a good deal of confusion over this individual because his place of birth is
given as "Pietermaritzburg Natal South Africa" but also states "Mr Reginald
Hardwick, 21, was born in Hampshire."

There follows the text "Reginald Hardwick died on 4 March 1918 while serving with
the Army Service Corps in World War One. He left a wife, Elsie S. Cobb, who resided
at 22, Railway Avenue, Creswell, Derbyshire." There are also links to obituaries in the
Worksop Guardian and the Derbyshire Times.

I think that the biographical details of more than one 'Reginald Hardwick' are being
conflated here.

The Reginald Hardwick who died on 4/4/18, was born in Woodhouse Hall,

On the night of 2nd/3rd April 1911 the census returns show him as single, 19, living
with his parents in Woodhouse Hall and employed as a 'Poultry Farm Labourer'.

I an unsure if this is the same man who joins the Titanic on 10th April 1912, giving a
home address in Southampton.

It may also be significant that, while both obituaries give some modest biographical
details, neither one mentions his involvement with the Titanic.

For these reasons, I do not believe that the Reginald Hardwick, born in Woodhouse
Hall, employed as a Farm Labourer, who marries Elsie S. Tyson(maiden name)
/Hardwick(married name) /Cobb(name after re-marriage) in Q3 1914, and who dies
on 4th March 1918 - is the surviving crewmember.

Note: It would be interesting if someone who has access to the 1911 Census were to
access the entry for "4 Heysham Road, Shirley Southampton" - the home address given
for this crewmember, so that it can be compared with the census return for
Woodhouse Hall Nottinghamshire (RG14PN20273 RG78PN1214 RD427 SD4
ED15 SN15).