Survivor or victim?

Christophe Puttemans

Christophe Puttemans

Almost all books and websites place Col. Gracie among the Titanic survivors.
But he was a diabetic, and in the night that Titanic sank he severely suffered from hypothermia and physical injuries. His health declined so much that he still died eight months after the disaster.
So actually his death was (indirectly) caused by the sinking of the Titanic, and isn't that the definition of a victim of the Titanic disaster?

I'm trying to say: maybe Gracie should be considered as a Titanic victim, because he died of long-term implications caused by the disaster.

Adam Went

No doubt it could be argued that his experience that night was a contributing factor to his early death, but given the conditions you mentioned him already suffering and the fact that medical treatment wasn't as advanced or readily available in 1912, I think that it's sort of thing where Gracie could have died soon afterwards anyway, even if he had never been on board Titanic. In any case it was of great benefit that he did survive as he was able to provide such a detailed account.


George GJY

If he died 8 months after the sinking and was really a 'victim', wouldn't the entry be the same since he didn't die on 15 - 20 April 1912 but several months later except for being called a Titanic victim?
Technically, he died 7.5 months after the sinking, so he doesn't count as a Titanic victim.