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I believe I have information about more survivors of the titanic I have been holding onto a article since 1990's for some time from my mums village of KOTORIBA in northern croatia, situated on the border of croatia sharing the border with hungary. the local magazine issued an article about one of their own survivors from the titanic, page 8
i have a photocopy but the photo is not clear at all, i do have the original stored somewhere but have no idea at this moment. It is also in the croatian language and a specific dialect but you definitely get the gist of it The lady in question survived was named Katarina Fus her maiden name Matan. Her husband was already in america and purchased her tickets to come with her 2 twin daughters, I also understand her father was their as well awaiting her arrival. 2nd paragraph explains what happened and the titanic voyage as a tradegy the 3rd paragraph states that Katarina Fus born Matan (maiden Name) in Kotoriba went with her 2 twin daughters travelled on the titanic and survived, they were bound for the usa as her husband purchased tikets for them also with the husband her father stephen was in the USA waiting for their arrival. it says the 2 twin daughters from shock were scared of boats throughout their lives. When she arrived in america and went on with life she had another 6 children, one of them was John who studied medicine but then entered the army in the usa and served in the pacific in the war, during that time he prayed for his life that if he survived he would become a priest. In 1983 he visited his parents village Kotoriba, she was left a widow early and died at the age of 101. she worked as a cook in a hotel, she always sent home money and in 1921 she sent 3 rolls of material that came in handy to her friends back home. my mum remembers that even her mother my grandmother would talk about it. hope u find this just as interesting as i have always been fascinated by this story, i hope that someone could look into their story and add them to their piece of history. It doesn't say where they live in america or where they boarded the ship. I'm sure someone in the village would know and i am guessing the priest of Kotoriba might be able to shed some light if he was here during JOHN FUS's visit. i am also sure other siblings grandchildren would have known about the story.
i also wonder maybe her english may not have been good.

maybe she was so traumatised didnt want have it acknowledged but i am sure someone out there knows something.

I wonder how many more passengers there could have been that survived or died that were not registered?/

I would like to know if anyone researching titanic passengers or historian could look into this

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Hello Silvia,

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There is no such name on the passenger list, which is available on this site and is very accurate. More than likely they were on another ship, but somehow a story was created that they were aboard the Titanic.

It wouldn't be the first time that we've heard of this.


I wonder how many more passengers there could have been that survived or died that were not registered?/

All the passengers on board were on the list and there is no documented evidence that there were stowaways on board. If there were, they didn't make it off the ship alive. Every single passenger was placed on board the Carpathia and each one had a ticket. Plus, it wouldn't taken long for a stowaway to be discovered by a member of the crew.​

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You could do some checks for yourself by visiting the Ellis Island web-site:
in order to establish if the lady and her children are recorded as having arrived in New York. Bear it in mind that names were mis-spelt so you may need to try varient spellings.

As Jason advised the name Fus does not appear on Titanic's Passenger List. It is also not on the Southampton Boarding List [we do not have one for Cherbourg] or on the Contract Ticket List. It is also not on the Manifest Lists complied on the Carpathia copies of which form part of the Ellis Island records: