Survivors on Carpathis

Okay I have been combing this website trying to get help with my question. This area looks as good as any.Some years ago I bought a book called Images Of America photos from 1850-1920. There are 2 pics of several women survivors aboard the Carpathia that I have never seen in ANY Titanic source. The first has a photo of a woman in a white hat that looks similar to a woman to the right of the Harders.(if you've seen the photo that's not cropped)The second is several women with a little girl in front holding a large doll. They seem to be first or second class passengers.If these photos are legit they are fantastic.These are full length clear images of these people.Of course there are no clear sources as to who they are or were or who took these photos.Any direction would be helpful and if anyone owns this book,you probably know what I mean.