Survivors on the Carpathia

Mar 20, 2007
Good question, John. I was wondering the same thing myself only last week.

I once speculated that the figure in the fur coat and head-scarf, seated in the foreground with her back to the camera, could be Lady Duff Gordon. And the youngish-looking woman in the broad-brimmed hat immediately to her left might be Constance Willard. It seems that staff in the nursing home where she spent the latter part of her life were able to identify her in one of the pictures taken aboard the Carpathia on the morning after the rescue. There is a passing resemblance to the slightly later (circa 1920) image of Constance available on her ET profile page. However, as we have discovered in the past, it is very difficult to make conclusive identifications, on the basis of photographs alone.

Suffice to say, I would like to believe that this is Constance Willard; a somewhat obscure passenger who left little trace of herself otherwise.