Survivors Opinion of Salvage

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Paul Lee

Aug 11, 2003
A thought occurred to meL what are the survivors opinion of salvage? I know Eva Hart was against it, Bert Dean didn't mind, and Edith Haisman seemed to be OK with it - at least when her father's watch was found.

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Trent Pheifer

Hey Paul,

Some of the survivors had no problem with going through the debris, but say the actual ship should be off limits. So that can sometimes be a problem trying to figure what exactly they are against or for.

Ruth Becker Blanchard, once said something along the lines of "they should not bring Titanic up, it would be a disservice to those who died." So here I am not too sure if she had any objections to bring items up, she could have just been referencing the actual ship.

I believe Marschall Drew was against salvage.

Eleanor J. Shuman, Millvina Dean, Edith Haisman and Michel Navratil all participated in RMS Titanic inc. 1996 salvage expedition. So it is probably safe to say they all did not mind salvage. Although I do remember seeing a quote from Millvina saying "I still feel sensitive about the wreck as it is the grave of a man I never knew but was my flesh and blood” Does not really say she opposes salvage though. She has made it to exhibits and such also.

Franks Aks, I am pretty sure was for salvage.

Louise Kink Pope testified before Congress that she did not mind salvage if it could inform people about Titanic.

As you said, Bertram Dean and Edith Haisman did not mind it.

Beatrice Sandstrom I guess said that she did not mind salvage, but after her death a close friend of hers wrote THS saying that Beatrice had been manipulated and that she really was against salvage. This could very well be true, I tend to believe it. But as it is not directly from the mouth of Beatrice there can be doubt.

Violet Jessop’s nieces said that if she were still alive she would oppose salvage.

I have never really heard the opinions of Winnifred Quick, Louise LaRoche, Barbara West, Marjorie Newell, or Lillian Asplund.

I hope that helps a bit.

Jun 12, 2004
Well, this will echo Eva Hart's attitude - and I agree with her. There was a picture of a pair of boots displayed. This was literary raising the remains of the dead, considering that boots are all that's left of those who perished (in some cases, not even that). This pair of boots was no doubt being worn at the time of the disaster. I highly doubt that an immigrant could have afforded more than one pair of boots (although that is by no means an absolute). However, these boots seemed to be in really good condition for having been on the floor of the Atlantic for 90 years. If these were worn by a third-class passenger at the time of his death, then bringing these up is the same as grave robbery. Raising artifacts is one thing, but they should have left these alone. That's just my opinion.

By the way, these boots belonged to a child.

(I would have displayed the picture, but it was too large and I was unable to reduce it. If one of the moderators here can reduce it, please let me know and I will send it to you and then post it. It just might be worthy to show)
Jun 12, 2004
I thought of it. I'll need to find it again. I know where to go. I'll do that soon so that everyone can see the picture to which I am referring.

Thanks, Michael

Eric Paddon

Jun 4, 2002
"Louise Kink Pope testified before Congress that she did not mind salvage if it could inform people about Titanic."

To add to that, her position was consistently in favor from the beginning. She said, while sitting alongside Ballard just the day after he came back from the 85 expedition, that it would be "okay" if the "jewels and valuables" were brought up and in response to a question from Maria Shriver about if there was one thing of hers she'd like to have brought up, she even chuckled and said "My bicycle."
Jun 10, 1999
Actually Beatrice Sandstrom had jokingly exclaimed to George Tulloch..."Find my suitcase and bring it home to me".

Michael A. Cundiff
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