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Dec 21, 1997

I have looked at the Titanic crew relief fund and have found that the man I am researching, James Blaney is case number 51 which is in red. does this mean that nobody claimed for him?
Also is this a list of those who died and if so is there a list for survivors who claimed as I am looking for information on a Wilfred Deable who claimed.

Many thanks,


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Hello Jamie,

I see possibly you're a newbie and I welcome you to the message board of E.T.

Trying to trace any documents over the Compensation Claims is like treading on eggshells as loads upon loads of pass material was destroyed. Four months ago I was promptly given notice by a renown insurance company in Britain, outlining me briefly and expressing the fact that their own case files into each claimant of that period was all destroyed over twenty six years ago - leaving us no accurate number and more importantly, no names to fall back on. Not much help for either of us I'm afraid.

Some people get fantastic ideas and greatly believe this process was a straightforward catalogue of easy come and easy go. Not is the case as I've discovered and believe what you wish, none of the pay-outs was ever dished-out in one lump sum as some people perceive with the exception of two cases I have found. On one hand, hundreds were settle in less than a month, on the other hand, a small quantity of the outstanding claimants weren't finalized until much later in the nineteen twenties.

For the case of James Blaney - a difficult one to know and give a satisfactory answer too. Unless I am wrong, his place of birth and place residence seems to point the finger more towards the area of Sunderland? None of his immediate family appears in any of the pages of the Minute Books associated with the Southampton Titanic Relief Fund Committee. If his family did decide to claim compensation which they entitled to under the Workman's Compensation Act, the alternative was to hire a solicitor acting on their behalf. The best advice I can give Jamie is to keep searching as you will eventually find the missing-link you're looking for.

As oppose to your other question - I suggest you make contact with the necessary namesakes who contributed the much information to his biography page as one of them maybe able to give you a led and a link to a member of the family.

Sorry as I cannot give much able advise as I would like to. Good luck with your search.


Hello Andrew,

I notice you know a great deal about the compensation awarded to depedents of the deceased.

I wonder if you could tell me a little more about the Workmen's Compensation Act and what monies were given to families affected, please? Or else, point me in the direction of others/other websites with the info?
I am hoping to find out a few finer details about amounts which were given, where the money came from and how people went about claiming them and ensuring they recieved the correct and just amount?
Also, did the amount given in compensation affect the amount that people were given from the Titanic Relief Fund?
Generally, I'm interested in finding out how peoples finances were affected by the huge loss of life? In particular, the large amount of people affected in the Southampton area.

Hope that isn't an information overload request!

Thanks for your time.

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Hello Katie and a warm welcome to the message board.

Some brilliant questions you've asked and I will try my best to give you a satisfactory answer within the next coupe of day's.

I am pushed for time as I need to get my hands on my file at home to make sure my facts are correct. At the moment I am answering this brief message from my workplace and doing about sixty jobs at once.

I will return and report later, possibly over the weekend.

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