Survivors Supporting Salvage Efforts

Jul 14, 2002
Hi All,

I have read many accounts about numerous survivors that were in total disagreement over the salvage efforts since Titanic's discovery, but was wondering if any of the survivors who were alive when the wreck was discovered were in support of salvage efforts?

(I don't mean to start any debate or give my personal preference)

Sep 26, 1999
Its sad that so many of the survivors that were alive when the Titanic was found are no longer with us. I can't say for sure but I believe that Millvina Dean, Michel Navratil, Eleanor Shuman and Edith Haisman didn't mind them salvaging Titanic artifacts. I say this because they all personally signed the exhibition book for the artifact exhibit that was held in Saint Petersburg, Florida several years ago. Some were more adament about leaving the Titanic as it was found such as Eva Hart.

Steve Smith

Dec 14, 1998
in the immediate aftermath of the sinking there were calls from families of victims - notably the Astors - for the wreck to be salvaged in order for the bodies to be recovered. I think one idea was to drop explosives and blow the wreck apart, allowing trapped bodies to float free. Obviously these ideas were soon recognised as impossible - but it indicates that the reverence with which the wreck is viewed today wasn't neccessarily felt by the survivors and families of the victims at the time...
May 2, 2000
I think that all objects of the Titanic must be rescued. For example, today wouldn't see this wonderfull handbag.

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