Survivors' untimely deaths

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George Behe knew Mrs. Van Tongerloo quite well, as you may know, and he would be the best source for answering your question.

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Phyllis Quick's Biography doesn't point to any marraige problems, though in fairness, it's pretty sketchy. Suicide, like divorce, was one of those things that carried a substantial stigma with it, so I wouldn't expect the subject, much less the underlying reasons for it, to be a favourite topic for discussion, much less something her family would enjoy seeing speculated about in public.

Hopefully, George can offer some insights on this matter.
All this sounds like a scipt from one of the "Final Destination" movies - where death always catches up on those that escape it's clutches the first time...
Death catches up to *everybody* sooner or later. It's not really all that shocking to see that some of these people came to a premature end. They were a lot like us in most any fashion that's really important, including a propensity for becoming victims of random chance.
Somebody has knowledge of whichever survivors have committed suicide. Until which they went Mr. Thayer and Widener.
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Somebody has knowledge of whichever survivors have committed suicide.
Mauro, the following passengers and crew members committed suicide:
Washington Dodge (Gunshot)
Frederick Fleet (Hanged himself)
Phyllis Quick (Gunshot)
Jack Thayer (Razor Slits).

I will check the various threads to see which others took their own lives.
Mauro, here are some other surviors' suicides statistics, found on other threads:
1. Dr. Henry William Frauenthal--1927--jumped from his apartment balcony after months of depression partially resulting from the mental illness of his wife.
2. Johan (John) Niskanen--1927--gunshot wound to head and burns after he set his cabin on fire--depression over failure to strike gold on his property in California.
3. John Morgan Davis--1951--ingested poison during the Christmas holidays after his wife left him.

The person who originally posted this was Phil Gowan. My thanks to him for this information.

Also, some survivors were thought to have commited suicide; however, it can be reasonably determined that there were other factors that contributed to their deaths. A case in point was Madeline Astor. She was taking various medicines which would not be prescribed today; as a result it appears her heart may have stopped.
Has George Brereton been mentioned? There's also the case of Annie Robinson (stewardess) who was lost overboard as a passenger on the Devonian in 1914. Officers stated that she jumped, after becoming agitated by the sound of the ship's foghorn. It's debatable whether her intention was to lose her life or (in a state of confusion) to save it.
There was of course Trevor Allison... who died in 1929 at the young age of 18 years old. He died of ptomaine poisoning. Which is a very tragic death also.
Were any of these suicides directly related to the sinking of "Titanic", and perhaps "What I didn't do and should have done", or survivors guilt?
I recently saw a drawing of the ship, something rather modern, but depicting the liner in extremis. It conveyed very clearly how huge that hull was in reality. Watching it slowly filling and descending into the dark sea would have made an enormous psychological impact on anyone.
Working off the last name listed, let's not forget Katherine, the mother Anna Joseph who succumbed the following year in 1915 to tuberculosis.
My grandfather Peter Dennis Daly, was a first passenger in the Titanic, and he died in 1932, one year before I borne, . He was find, in a Hospital in New York, 2 months, after the sinking of tke Titanic bye his sons. He was 55 years old , when he was in the Titanic, ande he dies at 75 in 1932.
I just discovered right here on ET some new information that was not there about a year or so ago and is relevant to this thread.

Wiljo (Viljo) Hamalainen was just over a year old when he survived the Titanic sinking with his mother Anna. They were rescued on Lifeboat #4.

Sadly, Viljo died less than 2 years later, 2 weeks after his 3rd birthday. Cause of death listed as endocarditis.