Syrian or Lebanese survived in Lifeboat D




on a website i had find a list of people who survived in colapsible lifeboat d, there was written that a group of syrian or lebanese women with little children where save in boat d
but there where not the names of these ladies and her chields, the only lebanese in these boat was michael joseph (or his mother and sister) but i can`t find any others.

Hope some one can help =)
i have read the book of leila salloum (FANTASTIC!
) and now I think that i have the names of these couriouse passengers

mary easu abrahim (Safiyah Ibrahim) said that she was in a lifeboat that reached a group off other bigger liveboat, she said also that her clothes where frozen on her bodie because there was water in the boat.

Mrs. Whabee said that there was a lot of trouble when her boat was filled with and , her male relatives can't come with them . She reported that in her boat was a young mother (Catherine Joseph)with her daughter. This women was crying for her son (Michael Joseph) who was not with them.

Bannura Ayoub was in Boat D too i think because she was travellign together with Mrs. Whabee and come with her on the boatdeck and they stayed together.

Marianna Assaf reported from panic, shouts and trouble when she was leaving the ship, but at collapsible c there was not like that.

Yazbeck and Moubarek Family are very difficult passengers,then they where all in different lifeboats. Mrs. Yazbeck and her oldest nephew where together in a boat from the portside. Mrs. Moubarek was alone in a lifeboat maybe she was in collapsible C. And the young Moubarek boy was also alone in a Boat.

Fatimah Mousselmanni í­s the most difficult. She said that she went out of her cabin and they cant find her roomates. She find a little girl (she desricbed as 4 years old) sleeping in her cabin alone took here and went with her on the boatdeck. She never saw the little girls mother again. Miss Mousselmanni reported from panic, disorder and sailors who shouts on passengers. But in her interview she never reported again of this little girl. How was this child? Treasteall Peacock ? Gertrude Klasen or a other child. Is it possible that the boat from which she reported is collapsible , is she a other women like Rosa Abbott who survived on the flooded boat?

Also the Nackids are talking of panic and shouts at her boat
Mrs. Baclini and her children left in Boat C but Miss Naijb was in Boat4 placed there off John Jacob Astor.

But whe cant put all Middle Eastern Survivors who reported from panic and shouts in collapsibel D , then LIghtoller said that the boat left the shipe with 25 Passengers and some others jumped in it or where pulled from the water like Mr. Frederick Maxfield Hoyt.