Take a minute today

Mike Taylor

Dec 13, 2005
Out of whatever it is you are doing to think about the 1523 men, women and children who died 89 years ago tonight

Teresa Parks

Sep 9, 2007

I have thought about that today too.......and there are several anniversary shows comemorating the event: I just seen the history channel showing Robert Ballard's discovery special......it was fantastic -no matter how many times I see it. But I too, will bow my head in prayer for those souls tonight.

Addison Hart

Kinda sad that Easter is April 15th this year, as it is Easter and I'll be celebrating as well. Weird ironic twist, there. Also, April 14th, 1865, that's the date poor old Abe Lincoln got a hole in his head. So there are two dates to remember (as I study Titanic and the Civil War). But for me, Holy Week will come first instead of Titanic Week. Uh-oh, now I must duck under a hail of bullets and collected Titanic coal!

Addison Hart

Bob Cruise

Went and laid a single yellow rose at the Newport home of J. J. Astor.

Then stood and looked out over the black, moonless Atlantic.

It seems near impossible to mistake a setting star for a passing steamship.

Eva Hart, Lawrence Beesley, and all the rest, I believe you when you say a ship in the distance came and went.


Emily Bisignano

I'll never forget what happend to those who died and also survied this unspeakable tragedy. I'll keep in mind the mourning of the dead passengers' families and children. I'll never forget the ring of the ship's bell, I'll never forget the look of sheer horror on some of the passengers' faces as the ship went down, and I'll never forget how this disaster made the world go into shock. I'll keep the legendary truth of Titanic alive and well in my heart and mind. May God bless all those souls who died.

Christine Geyer

Hallo to you all !

Unfortunately I couldn't go online these past few days (troubles with the provider, Grrrrrr...). But I have thought about Titanics story all the time and whenever I thought about the date and looked on my watch I wondered what was happening 89 years ago the same time. I think that most of you felt the same way. And once again I thought how lucky I am to have found this board and so many people that share the same thought...
Thanks !


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