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Magda Natalia Piotrowska

I read Emil Taussig's biography in ET he was born in Austria but where exactly?
I'd like see Emil or his daughter Ruth Photo. I interested in Taussig family story.
Can anyone help me?

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Emil was born in Eisenbrook in Bohemia, which was then part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire but is now in the Czech Republic. His family emigrated to the USA when he was still a child, and his father Solomon became a successful maker of childrens' clothing in New York City. Emil wasn't attracted to the family business, but found his own route to success and became President of the West Disinfecting Company in Buffalo, New York, which was proud to call itself 'the pioneer of restroom odour control'. He married Tillie in 1893, and Ruth was their only child. On the Titanic they were returning from a trip to Vienna - possibly a family visit. An interesting point about Emil Taussig was that he was a campaigner for increased lifeboat provision in ships, and owned shares in the company that made the Titanic's collapsible lifeboats - which didn't help him to find a place in one.

Magda Natalia Piotrowska

Hello, Bob!
Very interesting info. Do you know where can I find Taussig family members photos?
Ruth later married Julius Liechtenstein. They had two daughters, Elinor and Alice. What happen with these girls?
Thanks for help and regards,

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