Technical Issue regarding the Telemotor Configuration

Count Tesla

Dec 7, 2016
Dear Community,

let me say "Hello everyone", since this is my first Post on this magnificient public collection of knowledge. I'm a 21 year old 3D-Creator from Germany and currently i'm doing the complete Titanic Bridge setup, based on every Information i can get and currently i'm a bit stuck.

According to the Binnacle raised from the Wreck there is this Column, which purpose i don't know exactly, mounted on the back of the foundation - which leads to the following Problem. The Plans of Bruce Beveridge show the Compass, the Steering wheel and the Telemotor exactly lining up at the centerline of the ship. Which could be possible by just "punching a hole" between the two lightboxes at the foundation of the compass to lead through the Shaft. But with the Existence of this Collumn it seems unlikely that it can just be bypassed like the wooden Compass housing itself. It would stick right through.

The James Cameron set came up with the solution of just "moving the compass a bit to the left", away from the centerline of the ship - since they didn't use the correct Binnacle in the Movie, this is possible there, but not with the Kelvin Compass. The housings for the Lightbulbs interfere with this solution.

So, as said before - i'm a bit stuck right here.

I've attached an image of my current progress, the Collumn is shown in white here, not fully detailed until now. Was it even there? Or just on the Navigating Bridge Binnacle and/or the one from the Compass platform?

Dear regards,

Count Tesla o_O