Technical JC's Titanic Movie Set Question

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We all know that James Cameron didn't build the entire ship, but only the parts of it that would be needed for major scenes.

Well, I'm working up plans to build a 1/350th scale model of James Cameron's Titanic movie set, complete with detachable and sinkable bow and stern section.

My question is; if you look at the scene #50, which is called "Scattered Dreams" on the Titanic Special Edition DVD, you'll notice that during the pan from forward to aft there is no propellers or rudder at the back of the ship. Only a dark/black tarp covering that part of the ship.

I was just hoping I'd run into someone who was more involved in the making of the film that might be able to shed some light on this for me so I can make my model as accurate as possible. Any pictures of this area of the set would be useful as well.

Thank you.

I'm not an expert on these matters (just one of those persons who have watched this and some of the other "Titanic" movies for umpteen times
:) , but my guess is this could be a case in which the propellers and rudder were Computer Generated Images (CGI).


Matt: I believe you said you had the Special Edition DVD of "Titanic". I presume you have seen the time-lapse movie of building the giant set, how the stern lifts up, etc. You might find some more photos of the giant set in Mexico at:

I believe there are two different sets of photos, so scroll down and check out both sets. Robert H. Gibbons
That's right! I forgot about that timelapse on the dvd of the construction.

I've seen numerous images of the set and have noted that about where the poop deck begins on the larger set, the "plating" ends and it's skeleton and plywood aft beneath the poop deck, much like the opposite side of the set that we never see in the film.

I still keep seeing this black, what looks like, tarp covering the "stern" skeleton of the big set in the movie. As suggested, it must be a CGI trick to cover the superstructure without adding in propellers and a rudder. Ah well. I'll just use toothpicks and build mine with the exposed skeleton aft of the hull "plating".

I'm still in the paper phase of this model, meaning the drawing board. The further I go into it, the more technical issues I'm faced with. I have to cut the model in several areas, remove the majority of the forecastle deck, as it was never built for the set except the very tip. Then I have to somehow build a container that will hold water for the thing to sink in, then have to figure out a way to lower/raise it. I was wanting it to be a functional model with the ability to sink, but now I'm thinking I just may build it as seen in most photos without the option of sinking it. (water spots are so damn hard to remove from a model once it's wet anyway).

Thanks for the advice though! I'll be checking my dvd later today.
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