Tectonic and Jurassic



I have also been intrigued by the RMS Germanic of 1916. From what I have read, she would have been essentially a scaled-up Adriatic grossing 33,600 tons and designed to make 19 knots for the Liverpool-NY service. Since I want to be a naval architect, I have made some specifications for my own liners based on the scaled-up Adriatic (Germanic) and have called them Tectonic and Jurassic. Here is their info:

GRT: 35,000 (est)
Length (overall/waterline): 766 ft/740 ft
Beam: 88 ft
Depth: 62 ft (to main deck)
Displacement: 42,053 tons
Propulsion: diesel-generators + electric motors driving 3 propellers
Service speed: 21 kts
Maximum speed: 24 kts
Capacity: about 1100 passengers; crew number unknown