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Hello Everyone,
I've been a "Titanic" fan for years since I did a report on it in my sophmore year of highschool - I'm 33 years old now.
I've been to a Titanic exhibit in Chicago & loved it.......the whole thing fascinates me......but I guess one of the parts I'm most intrigued with is J. Bruce Ismay's life after "Titanic" I heard that he lived as a recluse & no one was permitted to speak about the "Titanic" in his presence....being human he had to have talked about it with someone the guilt would have just been too much......is anyone a relative of his that know anything about his life after & how he really felt......
Welcome to the message board, Teresa! I am now the same age you were when you first started getting into the Titanic; I'll be a Junior in high school next year.

I agree that Titanic exhibits are very fascinating; I saw my first just last month. If you're wanting information on Bruce Ismay post-Titanic, then I think you would like that article by Senan Molony called "Bruce Ismay and the Ring's Taunt." It's located on the main page in the articles section; click "Over 25 more FREE research articles!"



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Hi Teresa,

Welcome aboard! I agree, the exhibits are fascinating. There was an exhibit here in Toronto from Sept/99 to Feb/00 which I had the pleasure of working on. It was a dream come true!

Excuse me for my late post, but I have just returned from a three week vacation. Hope you enjoy it here!

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