Thayer family maid Margaret Fleming

does anyone know anything about margaret as I believe she may be my aunt

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Does anyone have information on Margaret Fleming who worked for the Thayers as personal maid to Mrs Thayer . Ms Fleming survived and I believe she was my aunt but as my dad passed along time ago it is hard to get info as she lived in the US.
I reside in Australia and my name is Hagan nee Fleming I would be grateful for any information
sincerely Annie Avril Hagan

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Hi Avril

I can't help with information, but was your dad (presumably it would be his sister - although it says here on ET she was 42 at the time of the sinking?) born in Australia? are you able to get his birth certificate? To prove or disprove the connection you really need to research your family back to your grandparents (or more likely great grandparents). I am only able to help with UK research, but if you have a look on somewhere like cyndi's list it will give you some basic information to help get you started with your research.

Have you located her on the 1910 or 1920 US Census? This would give you a place of birth.

Good luck with your research.
I'm pretty certain, too, that Margaret Fleming remained in the employ of Marian Thayer for some time after the disaster. Brian Ahern traced them, making an Atlantic crossing together on the 'Lusitania' in early 1914. Mrs Thayer would, presumably, have been an excellent mistress to have. Not only was she quite beautiful but she was noted for her elegance and chic. Naturally, personal maids took pride in the smartness of their employers and used to bask in their reflected glory.

A passport photograph of Margaret, taken in 1924, can be found on her ET biography page.