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Phil, Thank you so much for letting me know about Margaret's suicide and about his daughters. I had read that Margaret had committed suicide, but it didn't say how. It's so sad the way two children from that family committed suicide. Didn't Jack's mother pass away on the anniversary of the Titanic sinking? Kimby
So I'm actually the great-great granddaughter of Pauline Thayer Dolan, and I can't vouch, but I can tell you that Jack Thayer was hideously depressed; almost everyone on my grandmothers side of the family has committed suicide, including both of my great-grandparents by carbon monoxide. Really.
*gulp* I am sorry for that, Smmiller :-(
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My deepest sympathies, smmiller303. Thank you for sharing this bit of family history with this forum. Jack Thayer has always been one of my favorite passengers. Some have made the argument he was perhaps murdered. Personally, I always believed he committed suicide.
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I found out that one of my coworker/supervisors is a distant relative of the Thayer family. His name is Eugene Thayer, and he is a civil engineer here in Norfolk, VA. The other day I straight-up asked him if he was related, and he told me he was, but he couldn't recall the exact lineage.
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The links to the Thayer family tree seem to be broken or the site is no longer active. Is there anywhere else one could find this information?

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