Since I first started to become serious about the Titanic, one passenger has always held my interest more than any other: Jack Thayer. He was the first real passenger that I familiarized myself with, and so I have always had a fascination in him. I have been trying to find out anything (and everything) that I possibly can about him, as well as his parents. The Internet, as usual, has been a valuable tool. However, I find that all the information I locate on him on the Net is generally only about his experiences on the ship; and I have memorized nearly every step he took the night she went down. What I am really looking for is info. on his life prior to the boarding of the Titanic, and especially info. on his life after the ship sank, up until his suicide in 1945. Can anyone help me here? Has anyone got any uncommon information about his life? I would greatly appreciate it!