The 1000Foot Oceanic


Matthew Ryan Jones

I know the White Star Line, before its merger with Cunard in 1934, had planned and laid down a 1,000-plus-foot liner that was to have been named OCEANIC. Are there any paintings of the ship to show how it would have looked or any photos of what little was assembled?

Thanks in advance!
There's a photo of a very basic builder's model of Oceanic III in Shipbuilders to the World. She looks vaguely like Queen Mary.
There are also artist's renditions of Oceanic III in Anderson's White Star and Shaum and Flayhart's Damned by Destiny. She looks like a larger version of Britannic III and Georgic II.
Hi Mark,

I don't have Anderson's White Star. Is there any chance you could scan the pictures and text about Oceanic III for me?


Sure...once I replace the inoperable scanner sitting on my computer desk.

Heres a copy of a post card that I bought off of E-bay of the MS Britannic altered to that of the Oceanic III...

It was MV Britannic steve, not MS

take her to sea Murdoch-lets stretch her legs