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James Doyle

Jul 30, 2002
I have seen many of you mention the project that James Cameron and Ken Marschall have been working on. Correct me if I am wrong but what I understand it will consist of a movie and a companion book? When is this due out and what is it about. Anything that involves either of these two men and the Titanic has to be worth seeing. Thanks
Mar 20, 2000
The book will accompany the film, the text is being written by Don Lynch, and that's about all I know. This is a question for Parks and our own Man-in-Black Tennaro. Ya out there guys?

Meantime here's a link to a page on Mike Tennaro's Titanic book site mentioning the upcoming Marschall/Lynch release:
Mar 3, 1998
"Ghosts of the Abyss" is being released in the March-April timeframe in large-screen hi-def 3-D format. The film should run a little over 50 minutes; basically, it had to fit a single IMAX reel. Along with the theatrical release will be two books, one for children, the other for adults (the adult version will have the bulk of the new historical information). Sometime after the theatrical release, a 90-minute version of the film is currently in the plans to be released on DVD.

The adult book is being written by Don Lynch and will feature numerous illustrations put together by Ken Marschall. There are a few areas inside the ship that have never before been seen, not even in archival photographs from Olympic or Britannic. A good deal of forensic analysis went into re-creating those areas...this is the area that I have been working on. A blend of CG imagery and Ken's artistic talent will make for some unforgettable images.

The film and the book chronicles the 2001 expedition. Judging by the rough cut (the final has yet to be made), the theatrical release will concentrate on the expedition itself and what was discovered. The (adult) book will include more of the ship's legacy. I am hoping that more of the "ghostly" scenes will be included in the home release, but I haven't seen or heard much on that.


Nathan Good

Well that is good news. Thanks Mr. Stephenson for sharing it with us. I always like to get good news from a reliable source.
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