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Hugo Rupert Talbot-Carey

Does anyone know the true story of what happened to the Allison family that night? it seems a very sad event that happened to them.

Inger Sheil

Hallo Hugo -

The Allison family and their fate, as well as that of their staff (including Alice Cleaver), has been discussed a few times on the board. You may find some information here:

There are a few more if you do a search on 'Allison'.

There's quite a lot of discussion as to the whys and wherefores of how they were seperated from Trevor and Alice and their decision not to let at least Lorraine into a boat. You'll see that there's a great range of opinion on these matters. As only Hudson and Bess could have told us the complete story from their point of view, and they both perished, I suspect there will always be controversy surrounding them.
Hi Hugo!
It's a long time ago you posted your message, so I don't know if you have an answer on your question... But if it's not, read here:

The Allisons (mr. Hudson, mrs. Bess, toddler Lorraine and baby Trevor) went onboard in Southampton with the nanny Alice Cleaver. When the ship began to sink the family stayed in bed, because they thought nothing was happened. Not a collision with an iceberg, but probably a stuck propeller.

After a while mr. Hudson left the room to check out on boatdeck and Alice Cleaver packed her bags and took Trevor with her on her way to a lifeboat. Mrs. Bess and Lorraine stayed in their staterooms C-22/C-26.

When Hudson came back, they began to find Alice and Trevor (But they were in a lifeboat already.) Even when almost all of the boats had left the ship, they wouldn't get in one. Trevor had to stay with them.

When the boats were gone they couldn't find Trevor (obvious) and went down with the ship. A survivor told he saw the Allisons standing on A-deck, staring in front of them. They were never recovered...

This is the most probably version of their death... It's also in the Titanic movie with Catherine Zeta-Jones


Mr Allison's body was recovered.
From this web-site: "Allison died in the sinking. His body was recovered by the Mackay-Bennett (No. 135) and was buried at Maple Ridge Cemetery Chesterville Ontario Canada"
Paul, where can i find the survivor account which said the Allison's were seen on A-deck staring in front of them? i have never heard it before. i would be interested to find the source for it.
when i heard that lorraine allison and her parents didn't survive, i felt some sadness coming into my heart. i imagined myself in their place and i was wondering how they were feeling when they were trapped.

God bless them!

Matthew Bird

- Hello new member here.

I read something on this site, which mentioned Bess Allison being seen hustled into Collapsible
A (i assume) and then toppling out when it swamped. I think it was in the biography section- Lorraine wasnt mentioned.

Anyone heard the story of the woman claiming to be Lorraine Allison- handed to a man as the ship was sinking and saved, her lawyer claimed the man was actually Thomas Andrews!!!!

rubbish i dare say, but interesting nonetheless.
Hi Matthew

Nice to meet you, Welcome Aboard.
What a story. Check Allisons and Alice Cleavers(she's the Nanny) bios in Passenger section. It might give you the answers you seek. Sad thing was that Thomas Andrews had a daughter about the same age as the real Lorraine Allison and she probably would have sued so I can't see Miss Phony-Baloney's Lawyer totting that line for long.

Matthew Bird

Thanks, its a pleasure to be here.

The story was quite ridiculous, esp the bit about Thomas Andrews rasing her as his own daughter.

It was probably to get hold of Allison money and alot of publicity!
Yep Miss Phony didn't stake her claim until about 1932 or so I believe and there was a depression on. Unfortunately Trevor Allison had passed on by then dying in 1929 at the tender age of 18 from blood poisoning. I think Miss Phony saw his obituary and used the next 3 years to bone up on Titanic and the Allison Family to get her story strait for when she made a run for the $$$.