The Allison's Voyage


Matt Endacott

I am at present gathering info on some of the un-told of parts related to the Titanic's passengers, and was just wondering if anyone knew of what activities the Allison's did whilst on the ship. I know that both Bess & Hudson Allison were lost, along with poor Loraine, but did Alice Cleaver have any memories of the days prior the sinking? For example who did they dine with? Did they stroll the promenade and did Hudson retire to the smoking room each evening whilst Bess headed off to bed with Hudson & Loraine?
And also, where would have Loraine & Hudson had their meals? Would they dine with Alice Cleaver or with their parents in the saloon?

mary mason

on the night Titanic sank, they dined with Major Peuchen and Harry Molson and Bess brought Loraine into the room for a short while so she could see how pretty it was. and i *think* Loraine and Trevor were seen playing in the starboard verandah cafe with other first class children.
I'm very interested in the Allisons so i will interested to see what people come up with

Hugo Rupert Talbot-Carey

One of the saddest events of that night i think has to be what happened to the Allison's.
I have often been told of what apparently happened to them and why they were never saved, but did anyone actually see or speak to them that night, were they seen much on deck?
On the question of little Lorraine Allison's death, i personally think her parents left it to late to put her into a boat, after searching below decks for hours, they came to the boat deck to late to save her. But getting back to the question, did anyone see or speak to them that night?