The Art of Ken Marschall

I decided to start a thread on Ken's artwork because it is something that I am in awe of.
If something arrives in Wellington NZ then I'm onto it.

Here is a starter...
You have just won the first prize of a competition which is funding to commission a KM original.
This is not limited to the TITANIC but can apply to events in the life and demise of other ships like BRITANNIC, LUSITANIA, QUEEN MARY/ QUEEN ELIZABETH, NORMANDIE, ANDREA DORIA, etc

Let your imaginations loose!

I would stay at the Titanic. Something I always wanted to see on picture is the wreck of the Titanic as it would have looked hours after hitting the bottom. Before the decaying commenced. I would also love to see detailed pictures of how the detoration has proceceded along the years and also what will happen to the wreck in the future. I can see this before me in my imagination, but to see a painting of it would be great.

That's how I would use my first prize
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Mikael Jonsson

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Maybe this is what you are looking for?

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Hi all,
Something I would LOVE to see Ken do, and it is something no one has yet painted, is an illustration of either the Mackay Bennett or Minia on site at the disaster area and engaged in the sad work of recovering victims and wreckage from the sea. I picture the cable ship in the background, one of it's cutters with men in the foreground recovering people/objects, and the sea strewn with wreckage and debris. I feel this would be a very powerful and moving image which would drive home the reality and humanity of the disaster. Regards, Steve Santini.
I agree with you totally Steve. That image would very much illustrate the tragedy of the disaster in a way I don't believe I have ever seen before. I can see that drawing in my mind.
It speaks tranquility, sadness, chaos and dejection.
Dear Stefan,
I have seen that image in my mind for more than 20 years now. It is indeed very touching and also very haunting...
Regards, Steve Santini.

Mikael Jonsson

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Stefan I don't know who drew it or where I got it from, but it's a interesting picture. I wonder what will be left of the Titanic 2062. 150 years after the disaster.

it would be interesting if Ken Marshall could do a painting which illustrate inside the Titanicwreck or the sinking of Carpathia.

Hej förrästen Stefan!
This is the most haunting picture I have ever seen of the ship. The hair on the back of my neck raises up every time I see it. It is called "And The Band Played On"

As far as a painting I personally would like to see of Ken Marschall, I am not picky. I admire all work he feels inspired to do.

Does anyone happen to know if he has a gallery or way to view his originals? I bet they are more spectacular than in the books.

Mikael, thank you for posting the image. I had not come across it before.

Actually, I emailed Ken about a year ago suggesting he do this very thing- that he concider doing a painting of Titanic as she appeared a day, or a year after she hit the sea floor. All of his stunning paintings of Titanic set the wreck in post discovery times.

A painting of Titanic set in 1912 with intact white,black and red pain; with falls swaying from her few remaining davits, and with a slight haze of still settling sediment would be amazing. I know we would all buy prints of that...

On a past issue of the Titanic Commutator, Ken featured a painting of the Andrea Doria wreck, as diver Peter Gimball found her, one day after the sinking- with glistening paint,intact funnel, etc.. A painting of Titanic done in a similar theme would be amazing......

Ken's painting of the Andrea Doria wreck as she appears today was most impressive as well.
Its sad how everything above her superstructure is gone.

Most impressive was Ken's painting of the Britannic wreck. I do admire how he 'updated' details of the twisted bow when data from the dive her participated in became available.

One thing Im curious of. When Ken paints the 'modern' scene of Titanic, will she be set in 1985, with crowsnest intact, or will he reflect the various changes the wreck undergoes as she continues to crumble through the years?

Such a 'day after' painting for Titanic- or Lusitania- would be equally amazing.

A painting of the Mackay Bennet, Minia, etc, on the search for bodies would be heart wrenching- good idea Steve, that could very well be the most touching of all Titanic themed paintings.

Odd thing about all the photos of the recovery of the lifeboats or the icefield in the area is that there is not so much as one piece of debris can be seen in the water, in any of the published photos(save for the abandoned lifeboats later ecovered).

Without the debris- or victims, the photos of the recovery efforts of the lifeboats really don't convey the scope of the tragedy.

Steve, do you know if the crew of The Minia, Mackay Bennet or any other ships photographed the sea strewn with Titanic wrecksge? A painting of such a scene would bring tears to my eyes...


Tarn Stephanos
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Hi, Colleen:

Ken doesn't have a gallery that people can go to to view his paintings, but every once in a great while, they'll be an exhibition of his work in the L.A. area. When I hear anything about the next one, I'll let you know.

And, yes, his paintings are *way* more impressive in person than in the books. I am quite fortunate to own a number of his paintings (including the Lusitania bow-on sinking scene), and the originals have a vibrancy and life that you just don't get from looking at a reproduction in a book.